Fun on the Farm in Delta

Last week, Delta Conservation District organized a Farm Field Day. Elementary students were taken to various farm operations, as well as the Gunnison Bend Reservoir to learn about food, agriculture, water, and other natural resources. The kids enjoyed a day out of the classroom – and learned a lot! A special thanks to Farm, Nye Dairy, FFA, and everyone else for their help in making this program a success!

Hay cubing machine

Hay cubing machine

Fullmer Farms hay cubes

hay cubes

Gunnison Bend Reservoir

Gunnison Bend Reservoir

Class at Nye Dairy to learn about cows

Class at Nye Dairy to learn about cows

The milk barn

The milk barn

Ag Olympics - plant seeds, feed cows, milk, and more!

Ag Olympics – plant seeds, feed cows, milk, and more!

Ice cream treats

Ice cream treats

Hay ride at Nye Dairy

Hay ride at Nye Dairy

Syd Basset teaching kids all the products that come from plants

Syd Basset teaching kids about products that come from plants

We Are Going To The Fair!

All Conservation Districts in Zone 4 will have a booth at their Local County Fair. The Booth will be packed full of information, fliers, newsletters, election information, loan applications, NRCS program information, and more! -And, yes we will have promo handouts and candy! Check the schedule below for your local fair dates:

Piute County: August 1st
Sevier County: August 3rd – 8th
Juab County: August 4rd – 8th​
Millard County: August 5th – 8th
Wayne County: August 15th
Sanpete County: August 21st – 29th
Hope to see you there!!


With the reorganization of UACD employees moving to Utah State employees, there was some confusion as to where the employees would fall under the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF).

All employees attended a training and meetings so they may better understand UDAF and the organization:

UDAF is divided into 9 divisions:

Administrative Services – This division insures the financial resources are handled appropriately. Agriculture Commissioner & supporting staff fall under this category.

Animal Industry Division – Protects domestic livestock, poultry, and fish populations. They handle livestock inspections, meat inspections, labs, aquaculture, brand inspections, and domestic elk farms.

Communications Division – Increase public awareness and support for farming and the UDAF.

Laboratory Services Division – Lab testing for feed, fertilizer, meat, dairy, pesticide, and consumer complaints.

Marketing and Economic Development – Raise public awareness, and assist in marketing of local and domestic products.

Plant Industry and Conservation Division – They are responsible for ensuring consumers of disease free and pest free plants, grains, seeds, and properly labeled agricultural commodities.

Regulatory Services Division – Regulatory oversight of products in the areas of food, weights and measures, dairy and bedding, upholstered furniture, and quilted clothing.

Wildlife Services – Maintain healthy populations of wildlife and concurrently.
Utah Conservation Commission – This is where UACD employees have moved to. They develop and implement programs to protect, conserve, utilize, and develop the soil, water and related natural resources. The UACD employees are now under UDAF Conservation Commission – the transfer of these employees did not change their purpose and role in their community, but will give them more resources, technical assistance, and opportunities for conservation.

While there is still a lot to learn, the outlook for our program is good. With the help from the State of Utah, and the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, we are optimistic of the conservation changes we can make in our local community.

Utah Conservation Commission tour of Bear Lake

Bear Lake - Tour of Swan CreekBear Lake -View from marina

Each year, the Utah Conservation Commission hosts a Field Tour. This year, Zone 1 (Rich County) was the Host County, and held the tour on May 27th & 28th at Bear Lake. The opportunity to learn other Natural Resource concerns, and the conservation projects enacted to remedy these issues, gives a new perspective on the possibilities in our area. Click the link below to read my experience from the tour:

Bear Lake Tour Notes

Water Wise Tips Everyone Can Use!

As we all know, the lack of snowpack in the west is a real concern. Local farmers are planning their fields and crops accordingly for the anticipated dry season. I had an opportunity to speak at a local nursery about the small changes everyone can do to help conserve water, and continue to have a beautiful landscape. -It’s not just about planting cactus, and filling your yard with rocks… Soil amendments, checking sprinkler systems regularly, and choosing water wise plants are all things we can do to help conserve – these small changes can save a household over 40 gallons of water PER DAY! Check the links below for Water Wise Landscape and Water Wise Container Information Sheets.Water Wise Planting Class 1 Water Wise Planting Class 2

water wise containers

water wise landscape tips

Natural Resource Festival & Career Day

This year we participated in the 2015 Natural Resource Festival and Career Day. The event was held at the Sevier Valley Events Center in Richfield, UT on April 28th. We had the opportunity to meet with over 1,100 high school students from across the state, and educate them about our program and the importance of local conservation and natural resources. -We learned a lot too! Many high school students did not realize the opportunities they have to volunteer, work, or participate in our local natural resources. Thank you to CTE and the BLM for hosting such a great event!

Tracy Balch & Colette Walker working the UACD booth

Tracy Balch & Colette Walker working the UACD booth

Over 1,100 students from high schools across the state attended

Over 1,100 students from high schools across the state attended this event

Conservation with Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts April 15We had a great time teaching the Salina Boy Scout Troop 634 about conservation and stewardship. They planted over 30 native trees and shrubs in the mountains of central Utah. Thank you for all the support! If you have a conservation project, and would like some information or education materials, contact your local Conservation District office.

Welcome to UACD Zone 4 Website!

The Utah Association of Conservation Districts is the state voice for Utah conservation districts (State Code Title 17D Chapter 3). The 38 districts like 3,000 nationwide use a voluntary, incentive-based approach to protect soil, water, and other natural resources.

The association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation with the principal purpose of educating and supporting the work of 190 local elected supervisors and their staff. Generally the association and districts’ administrative and professional staff are colocated with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service at field offices throughout Utah and include resource coordinators, conservation planners, an engineer, and information and education specialists.

The districts are trusted by private property owners and uniquely positioned to deliver technical and financial assistance available from various state and federal programs and agencies.

The association is the local part of the federal/state/local conservation partnership (Utah Partners for Conservation & Development or UPCD), a partnership committed to providing conservation solutions.