Tree Program

*2021: There will not be a Tree Program this year. Our supplier is having difficulty due to Covid-19 and getting employees to help get stock out on time. Hopefully we will be able to help you with this next year.

It is time again to think about planting trees, and we can help you get a windbreak started at a very low cost.  Please contact our office at 435-893-3336 with your order; or contact one of the CD staff in your area (listed on the brochure).

Orders will need to be placed by APRIL 3, 2018.  Stock supplies are limited, so orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and late orders may not be filled as requested.  Trees will arrive the middle part of April.

Plantings are generally intended to address conservation goals such as livestock protection, wildlife habitat, energy conservation and wind control. However, there are no restrictions on use. Windbreaks and shelter belts are excellent uses of these plants.

In order to target conservation purposes such as windbreaks and shelter belts, plants must be ordered in multiples of five of each individual species.

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